Labor Relations Services

Written by Diane Sievert
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Labor relations services can address a variety of concerns. They can be as simple as helping you develop an employee handbook. Or they can be more involved and help you launch an anti-union campaign.

The Various Kinds of Labor Relations Services

Labor relations consulting can be used to help your company develop legally sound labor policies. A labor relation specialist can read over your anti-union statement in your employee handbook. He can also help you develop, distribute and analyze employee surveys.

You company may be required to have an Affirmative Action Program or an Injury and Illness Prevention program. A labor relations consultant can help you develop and implement these programs. A good specialist will take the time to analyze the specifics of your business operations to make sure the programs fit your company's needs.

Dispute resolution advice is yet another aspect of labor relations services. Workplace disputes are a reality of modern-day business practice. A labor relations specialist can advise you on how to proceed in dealing with disputes so they are resolved in the fastest and most cost-effective manner.

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