New Employees

Written by Diane Sievert
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New employees have yet to be embittered by past disputes or a poor work environment. Take the time to educate these new hires about the realities of the workplace. They have yet to form an opinion about management, an opportunity management would be wise to take advantage of.

Use New Employees to Your Benefit

New employees are fresh, free of resentment and other troubles. If management takes care to establish a good rapport with these workers, they should feel no need to join a union. Establish and maintaining a good working relationship with employees is the first step in union avoidance.

We suggest addressing union membership during the training process. Be honest in discussing the pros and cons with these new hires. People can tell when someone is trying to take unfair advantage of them.

This is also the best time to address your company's policy on workplace dispute resolution. Be up front about the dispute resolution process. Doing so will decrease the likelihood of facing frivolous lawsuits.

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