Nlrb National Labor Relations Board

Written by Diane Sievert
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The NLRB National Labor Relations Board was established by the NLRA National Labor Relations Act in 1935. The purpose of this board is to supervise elections and address unfair labor practices. Charges of unfair labor practices can be filed against employers or unions.

Procedures of the NLRB National Labor Relations Board

Generally, the NLRB National Labor Relations Board is unlikely to investigate any employer or union unless a grievance has been filed. Likewise, a petition must be filed in order for the board to conduct an election. The bottom line is that the board will not be contacting you unless you or your employees contact it.

If a petition is filed, the board will hold union elections. The election will determine A) what portion of the employees want union representation and B) what kind of union representation they want. Employer interference with these elections is illegal.

The other aspect of the board, as earlier stated, is to investigate and judge charges of unfair labor practices. A local field office will dispatch a representative to investigate the charge and determine its merit. If the rep concludes the charge has merit, the board will attempt to mediate a voluntary settlement.

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