Written by Diane Sievert
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Persuaders are a useful means of winning an anti-union campaign. If emotions are running high, persuaders can help. Acting as an outside party, they can often educate employees with a higher degree of success about the negatives of union organizing than management.

Persuaders May Be the Answer

It's sad but true that when union organizing occurs, communication between management and employees often becomes fraught with distrust and tension. At this point it's nearly impossible for management to effectively educate its employees about the pros and cons of union representation. Bringing in an outside party may be the only option.

A third party can inform and educate your employees about the pros and cons of voting for union representation. Though they are not exactly neutral, it is their job to remain unemotional. Even those met with initial hostility make it their mission to convince employees that remaining union free is the best decision.

Whenever a petition is filed, the first step is to analyze the situation carefully. A labor relations consultant can help you decide how to proceed. If they suggest bringing in persuaders, it's a decision worth contemplating.

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