Preventative Labor Relations

Written by Diane Sievert
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Preventative labor relations is nothing more than smart business strategy. As anyone with an MBA knows, union interference is something you want to avoid. Make the smart move and practice preventative labor relations.

Why We Suggest Preventative Labor Relations

Why wait until a petition has been filed or a union has been voted in? Addressing labor relations issues should be part of your usual routine. Operating systems that ignore or neglect labor relations issues are the most likely to face union petitions.

Suppose, for example, management senses employee morale is low. A preventative strategy would be to use an employee morale survey to accurately determine employee satisfaction. If it is concluded that employee morale is low, management should then take steps to improve morale by addressing employee concerns.

Protect your right to run your business independently. Consider devising strategies of union prevention even if you have no indication that union organizing is likely. It could prove useful in the long run.

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