Registered Persuaders

Written by Diane Sievert
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Registered persuaders are hired, generally by management, to convince workers in voting against union representation. They can be extremely useful in this regard. If you have launched an anti-union campaign, consider bringing in these persuaders if you are serious about remaining union free.

What Are Registered Persuaders?

Once an NLRB petition has been filed, management may find it rather difficult to reason with their employees. Emotions may run high and traditional means of communication may break down. Persuaders are members of an outside party brought in to inform workers of all the legal restrictions that come with belonging to a union.

Legislation requires some third party members, depending on their role, to register themselves as persuaders. This legislation was passed because some companies brought in people who would pretend they were ordinary citizens and use their position to persuade employees when they were, in fact, hired by management. Such registration allows employees to check up and make sure that management sympathizers aren't actually third party members hired by management.

Therefore, registered persuaders can't hide their identity or their purpose. This allows for a fair union election. Actions that require persuaders tend to be determined by the current administration.

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