Union Decertification

Written by Diane Sievert
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Union decertification is a complex process. Someone with experience in decertification elections can help you develop winning strategies. Consider contacting a labor relations consultant if you feel union decertification is a possibility for your company.

How to Win Union Decertification Elections

To begin with, there's no purpose in holding the aforementioned election without significant interest on your employees' behalf. You should secure a sufficient amount of interest on their part before taking steps to hold the election. Without their interest, the election is a waste of time and money.

Once their interest has been established, you'll need to proceed carefully. A wrong move could jeopardize your campaign and send support to the opposite side. Make sure to thoroughly analyze the situation when developing strategies for success.

We suggest calling in a labor relations specialist. A specialist with a background in decertification elections can help you assess the situation and develop winning strategies. Before you settle on a specialist, ask them for examples of previous successes.

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