Union Elections

Written by Diane Sievert
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Union elections are governed and held by the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). Following the guidelines is a legal requirement. Failure to comply to the policies of the NLRB before, during or after an election can result in legal consequences.

The Procedure of Union Elections

If your employees petition for union representation, the NLRB will come to your work site in order to hold an election. Prior to the election, the NLRB will post notification of the voting place, time, and general rules. Removing or obscuring this notification will result legal consequences.

During the election, all the following should be present: the NLRB rep, the employer, and observers of the union. All questions should be directed to the NLRB rep or agent. Speaking to an employee during the election can be considered illegal interference.

Union elections are a legal matter. Be sure to know your both your rights and boundaries as an employer. If you want advice on how to conduct yourself during an election, consider meeting with a labor relations specialist.

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