Union Free Shop

Written by Diane Sievert
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A union free shop is the fairest and most productive of business operating systems. Don't let the labor relations issues in your shop become a labor war. There are several measures you can take in effective union prevention.

How to Maintain a Union Free Shop

Union avoidance is by far the best tactic if you prefer keeping your business union free. Maintaining a positive work environment is the way to do so. A labor relations consultant can help you design methods to ensure your workers don't start organizing.

It starts with the employee handbook. A labor relations specialist can help you with the legal aspects of stating your union policy. Make sure your handbook clearly states, in perfectly legal terms, your management's feelings on union organization.

Also, a labor relations specialist can help you devise other effective management policies. Surveys are terribly helpful tools for assessing your employees' morale, motivation, and performance. If employees believe they are treated fairly, you are more likely to avoid a union.

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