Workplace Dispute Resolution

Written by Diane Sievert
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Workplace dispute resolution is a serious legal matter. Don't ignore this important labor relations issue. Take action now to prevent unfortunate lawsuits in the future.

How to Handle Workplace Dispute Resolution

The first step is to acknowledge the fact that at some point your company will be sued by one of its employees. Failure to do so is setting yourself up for an unfortunate and perhaps costly situation. Most employers recognize this statistic as part of modern business practice.

The second step is developing a policy for this situation. Our dispute resolution advice is to develop a policy before any law suits arise and publish this policy in your employee handbook. Also take measures to educate your new employees on this policy when they begin work.

The final step in workplace dispute resolution is implementing and adhering to your policy. If you fail to follow the policy outlined in your handbook, you'll find yourself in hot water. Not only can there be legal ramifications, you could also find other employees taking this opportunity to file more law suits.

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