Business Intelligence Management

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Business intelligence management utilizes systems that help your business make the best use of its intelligence. This can encompass various kinds of data. The first to come to mind is data that yields insight abut operations, suppliers, and customers.

There's usually an underlying mission that drives the analysis. It is primarily understood in terms of increasing earnings and improving performance. This can include new product development, or operational or production improvements.

This suggests that a number of parties or departments are involved. The reason for this is simply that valuable business intelligence is found throughout an enterprise. However, until it is organized and understood, the value remains hidden.

The Starting Point

The first step in business intelligence management is extraction of your data. As mentioned previously, this information is dispersed throughout your organizational network. This information is generally extracted from three main sources. The first is customer relationship information. The second is information about your supply chain. The third general source is enterprise resource planning systems.

Once the sources have been identified, your business intelligence management strategy will need to centralize this information. It is only after this happens that organization can be effective. A key part of that process will be standardization of the data so that it can be directed to data warehouses or repositories. Sometimes this procedure will append additional information and then clean it.

In the end, your approach to business intelligence management must strengthen whatever analytical tools you select. The system should be available to a broad range of people within your organization. Capitalizing on the hidden value of this intelligence means that technical and business specialists must be able to run queries to find problems and discover patterns. This last step is critical if your business intelligence management is to drive earnings and assist the organization in achieving its objectives as efficiently as possible.

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