Concealed Cameras

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Business and property owners seeking peace of mind may want to consider using concealed cameras. Hidden cameras are great utensils for monitoring subjects. Employers can utilize hidden cameras to monitor employees. Home owners can employ hidden cameras to keep an eye on babysitters and household help.

The hidden camera has evolved from a spy movie gadget to a common security device. There are trends in technology to make everything smaller. Computers that used to take up entire rooms can now fit in a small briefcase. One can store thousands of songs in a hand-held device instead of bulky compact discs. Cameras have benefited from the trend of miniaturization. Miniaturization has reduced the camera from a bulky item to something that can be easily concealed.

Today, hidden cameras can come in a variety of disguises. Miniature cameras can be found in items as small as pens. Wall clocks make a common disguise for security cameras. One of the most unique disguises is a "teddy bear" hidden camera. The use for that camera is to monitor those in charge of taking care of children. Hidden cameras can come in black and white or color video. Color cameras will have a higher cost than those that are black and white.

Using Hidden Cameras for Business

An elaborate business security setup, though, that includes concealed cameras, can be quite space-consuming. Storing the tapes is also a recurring problem. A possible solution is to use streaming video to digitally monitor the goings-on on one's business. If the "tapes" are recorded digitally, they can be stored for years, without taking up a prohibitive amount of space.

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