Concept Mapping Software

Written by Yvette Dubel
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If concept mapping is a tool organizing and representing knowledge, then concept mapping software is a simplified means for creating these maps. As with any software solution, it should make the construction process easier to undertake. Structuring the actual procedure of creation and delivering a more comprehensive end product accomplish this.

The nature of concept mapping benefits you by enhancing graphical representations with effective software tools that make linking concepts an effortless undertaking--this is where concept mapping software becomes very useful. The relationship between concepts and propositions emerge more clearly when other aspects are automated. Illustrations with pre-defined characteristics, for instance, can speed up the design and delivery processes. Additionally, hierarchical relationships are easier to identify and contextually present in relation to broad concepts.

In terms of delivery, concept mapping software can facilitate the sharing of the task of gathering input from other departments as well as the sharing of the end results across an enterprise. One way that software helps to accomplish this is by centralizing and standardizing data components for inclusion. It can also make cross-referencing accessible to both architects and users.

Making Use Pay Off

In order to make sure concept mapping software delivers true value, it is important that you have a working knowledge base with map construction and its specific use. That is because the map structure is dependent on the context of use. This requires some insight into the motivation of the end user to begin with. It is then knowledge that will ultimately determine the hierarchical structure of the concept map produced using concept mapping software.

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