Content Management

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Effective content management solutions put content intelligence at your fingertips. The right solution should be able to handle structured and unstructured data across your enterprise. The top content management systems treat your business intelligence as a valuable asset--one that must be accessible when you need it, no matter where it is within your business network.

In order for content management software solutions to yield the results demanded by end users, it must harmoniously unite an understanding of knowledge management, strategic planning, market research and risk management functionality in an easy-to-use interface. Did you know that research by industry leaders indicates that eighty percent of the world's information comes in the form of text? That can present a lot of challenges when it's spread throughout an enterprise in the form of emails, web content, reports, presentations, news, and other documents. Yet solutions should not be limited to just handling text documents. Your best content management solutions will be able to handle various kinds of data, including image files.

Unearthing the Value from Business Intelligence

Excavating the value from this information and making it easily accessible can put unreasonable demands on an organization's human resources. The budgetary demands of retaining a staff to stay on top of new influxes of information into the system are far from practical. Yet, ignoring the value of business intelligence is hardly an option as that will result in missed profit opportunities.

This is because the information must first be read by someone who understands it. Only then can it be transformed into an organizational asset. However, once this is done, it can be deployed as part of a strategic plan that is designed to drive profit earnings.

Profits increase when content is turned into new products or enhances existing ones. It can help explain current performance for an organization, its products, or even its competition. This translates into a competitive edge that makes use of information that would otherwise lie dormant within a business network.

Putting it into Action

Information without someone to understand and utilize it is worthless. In today's businesses, people spend a great deal of their time searching for information. This means there is less time to give attention to fulfilling their actual duties.

Beneficial content management solutions will simplify this search process and its submission into the organizational network. This in turn means others within the organization will save time in making use of the data, which can be an advantage for multiple departments. Solutions that make use of grab and click technologies for images, graphs, quotes, and more expand the data that is available for strategic internal purposes.

Ideally, value-driven solutions provide summarization so that information can be evaluated at a glance. Refined intelligence algorithms make all of this and early warning and tracking practical. This means you get added value as enterprise security is enhanced. Additionally, it reduces the time required to do multiple complicated tasks using information that is readily available without locking your business into a costly suite of proprietary products.

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