Content Management Software Solutions

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Content management software solutions aren't just for big corporations with complex websites featuring intranet, extranet, and internet components. These technology products are also for those looking for affordable, easy to install, feature-rich content management software solutions. Today, many solutions are marketed as complete "out of the box" systems sure to meet your needs.

What might a complete out of the box system offer you? For starters, you get templates, multi-user security, pressroom, message boards, form handlers, file and ad manager, workflow, meta data support, and more. Content management software solutions handle more than just website content--they allow for seamless integration when adding outside documents.

Make an Informed Decision

When you're about to invest in a system to organize and distribute your precious content, you want to make an informed decision. Additional features that add value to content management software solutions include group level and individual user security permissions, cut and paste support for all your content elements, a flexible meta data system that lets you specify what content elements will be collected, and a new content publisher that puts website content publishing in the hands of site editors.

You should also look for bonus features like a well-designbed workflow system to better manage the progress of content edits and reviews, language translation, and an integrated staging server to host authoring activity. Content management software solutions can make a huge impact on your ability to effectively manage content and streamline your digital publishing process. However, you do want to be clear about what your needs are and then take the time to pair product features up to your needs; if you do that, you're sure to pick a winner.

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