Document Management Software

Written by Yvette Dubel
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Businesses and organizations that need to manage large amounts of paper or electronic documents require document management software. Ease of use and implementation time are factors that contribute to the value of a solution. On the other hand, it can also decrease the value of document management software.

Ideally, document management software will not require significant training to install and begin using. It should be up and running within minutes of installation. Desired features include a speedy process for making additions to the database. Also, it would use independent indexing of each document based on its own set of criteria. Retrieval should likewise be a snap, and be available with an intuitive application interface.

Browser-based interfaces seems to be popular in desktop document management software. Enterprise solutions are accessed using the Internet or even corporate intranet networks. This streamlined implementation approach removes the need for client-side installation. There are also some added benefits in terms of information sharing that strive to meet the demands of users.

Rising Security Concerns

The demand for easy information sharing brings with it the demand for a comprehensive security framework. The first tier of an effective security strategy addresses the controlled access. This means it must be controlled on a per user basis. For instance, this eliminates some users' ability to alter information contained in a document.

Alongside that is the need for a document's check in/check out. It requires that anyone editing a document must check it out and therefore leave an auditable trail. As mentioned previously, this feature must be able to be disabled or enabled depending on the level of user access. A flexible document management software solution will let the user specify these details for each database.

Since one key objective of document sharing is to edit, document versioning is another priceless feature. It allows document editing without losing previous versions. The number of versions allowed must have total user particular flexibility.

More than likely, you will find that most document management software uses an encryption layer as a key security feature. This is typically product-specific and is only decipherable to users running the same document management software. It is also important to be able to log user actions. This can present an accurate account of a document's lifecycle with respect to an individual user. You ideal document management software solution is likely to allow the user to enable or disable this feature. In addition, it again keeps these kind of specifications in the organizational administrator's control panel.

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