Employee Monitoring

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Every business generates some sort of cash flow. In most instances, employees are responsible for handling the cash a business will generate. Employees are also responsible for handling merchandise and maintaining inventory. Oftentimes this happens under little or no supervision. For some unscrupulous employees, the temptation to steal money or product becomes too great.

This has caused organizations to consider security systems that monitor external and internal threats. Most security systems will include some sort of video surveillance system. Video surveillance can be used to monitor both employees and customers. Well-placed cameras are good for preventing criminal behavior. Hidden cameras are great at giving customers and employees a false sense of privacy. In all likelihood, video surveillance systems will be watching employees just as much as customers.

A New Type of Employee Monitoring

Technology has led the advance in employers monitoring all of the actions of their employees. The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of employee monitoring is to prevent employee theft. With current technologies, however, employers can monitor everything employees do on the job.

This is an important function for large corporations. Companies can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on networking and technological systems. To protect their investment, companies need to monitor how employees use available technologies. This has resulted in organizations monitoring employee e-mails as well as what sites employees visit on the Internet. With technology, employee monitoring has evolved from just protecting company assets to ensuring employee productivity as well, even from a remote location.

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