Internet Video Monitoring

Written by Jacey Harmon
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The uses for the Internet are practically limitless. Businesses and individuals have started to utilize the Internet to monitor their security cameras. With the use of web-based security services and an internet connection, users can view their site at any time.

Advantages and Features of Internet Video Monitoring Systems

There are many advantages to viewing video footage over the Internet. Users have 24-hour access to live security cameras. Secure access can be gained from any computer with a web connection. Users can remotely control their security cameras through the internet connection as well. The accessible video gives business owners peace of mind by allowing them to observe video from their own home.

Alerts can be sent to users of the security system if an alarm is sounded. E-mails to a computer or cellular phone can be used to alert users of a possible threat. Some software programs allow users to view and control up to sixteen cameras. Screens can show up to four cameras simultaneously or just one camera at a time.

Internet monitoring allows users to digitally record their video surveillance. Digital recording has many benefits in its own right. Users can search through hours of recorded video without the need to fast-forward or rewind tapes. The actual hardware can be programmed to begin recording only when motion is detected. This eliminates the hours of useless recording done by most security systems.

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