Manage Your Business Online

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Technology has allowed individuals to become less stationary. Cellular telephones give individuals the opportunity to walk and talk, or drive and talk in most instances. Portable music devices allow users to listen to personal music collections at any location. Business owners can manage their company from any computer location with internet access.

Internet Applications for Managing Your Business

The Internet is a great tool for collecting and disseminating information. A company can utilize its website to make company documents--such as employee handbooks--available to employees. Large organizations can place important financial statements for investors to view and analyze. The company can post available positions to prospective and current employees on its website.

Business managers and owners can utilize the Web as a central location to manage inventories. Online systems are available that can help managers track company inventories. These systems will automatically place orders when an item is needed to replenish inventory levels. Continuous monitoring and reporting of inventory levels through online services gives owners a high level of flexible control over inventory management.

Security systems can be monitored and managed through online services. Online portals can be used to view onsite cameras from offsite locations. Users have the capability to remotely control cameras through online services. Users can customize when to record video data to record at specific times or when motion triggered. Digital recording makes scanning recorded video faster and more efficient than analog tapes.

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