Monitoring Business Activities

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Technology has increased the speed of business. Online analytical processing allows users to process complicated reports in a matter of minutes. E-mail gives sales representatives an opportunity to immediately deliver proposals. Websites can let shoppers browse a company's entire product line with a few clicks of a mouse.

The fast-paced world of business has created many new challenges for businesses to be competitive. Employees and executives need access to real-time information to make timely decisions. Customers want instant solutions to their problems. Businesses need to streamline information and internal processes to operate more efficiently. This creates a whole set of challenges as organizations attempt to integrate various systems into one.

Using the Internet for Monitoring Business Activity

Business activity monitoring is becoming a widespread process used in streamlining information and internal processes. Business activity monitoring can be defined as monitoring all of a business's processes and information technology activities through the use of specialized software. Software programs can be used to provide a single location for monitoring processes and analyzing information.

When combined with the Internet, business monitoring gives business managers great power and flexibility. The Internet allows managers an opportunity to monitor business activity from any computer with an internet connection. Users can monitor payroll, track inventory, or view security systems through an internet connection. Business monitoring software can be set to automatically inform users, via the Internet, if certain parameters are met. For example, managers can be alerted when an employee clocks in, or an owner can be alerted if a security alarm is triggered. Business managers no longer need to constantly be on site to maintain supervision of business activities.

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