Online Employee Handbooks

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Many states will have regulations requiring businesses to make company handbooks available to employees. These handbooks are used as guides to company policies for new and existing employees. The handbook acts as a valuable training tool for human resource departments. Once training is completed, a handbook serves as an important source of information for employees to get answers to questions about company policies.

Employee handbooks will vary from company to company but they all have similar characteristics. Employee handbooks typically start with a welcoming message to new employees. An organization can skip this part of the book if desired, but welcoming new hires is a good idea. A handbook should cover in detail the conduct the company desires from its employees. This section should cover everything from acceptable language to where to take breaks.

The company's hiring and dismissal policies should be clearly defined in the employee handbook. This acts as a form of insurance to the organization in the case of employee litigation. Everything from performance reviews to drug testing policies should be covered in this section. Wage and benefits will need to be discussed in detail in the employee handbook. A company with trade secrets will need to create a section of the handbook that details an employee's responsibility to protect company secrets.

Employee Handbooks Online

There is a growing movement amongst companies to provide employee handbooks through the Internet. This creates many advantages to both the organization and its employees. The organization no longer needs to incur the expense of printing employee handbooks. Employees have easy access to online handbooks from any location with internet access. By providing the employee handbook online, the company ensures the handbook is constantly available to each employee of the enterprise. This removes any excuses employees may have of not knowing company policies and procedures.

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