Online Food Ordering

Written by Jacey Harmon
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In 2004, consumers spent $117 billion on goods and services via online outlets. Consumer online spending increased roughly 25 percent over 2003 spending levels. The trend is expected to continue with retail analysts estimating a 19 percent total increase in online spending in 2005.

Retailers have long been taking advantage of the Internet to boost sales. Online powerhouses like Amazon and Overstock have been selling goods online for several years. Restaurants are starting to realize the opportunity the Internet poises for increasing their businesses. Many savvy restaurant owners have started offering menus online with the capability to place delivery or take-out orders.

Advantages to Ordering Food Online

Consumers stand to benefit immensely from having the luxury of ordering food online. They will not need to look up the restaurant's telephone number to place an order. Instead, consumers can just type in the company's web address--which is likely the name of the restaurant--and enter their desired order. Some restaurants will give customers the opportunity to customize delivery time. This is an attractive benefit for those who are trying to time food delivery with lunch breaks.

The restaurant's benefit of online food ordering is mainly increased revenue. A company with an online presence may have a high exposure rate to tourists and new members of the community. Online ordering streamlines the ordering process, making the restaurant's operations more efficient. Allowing customers to enter their exact order preferences will reduce errors in filling food orders.

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