Online Payroll

Written by Jacey Harmon
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To streamline the payroll process, businesses are shifting towards using the Internet to handle payroll. Internet payroll offers many benefits to employers and employees alike. Employers will benefit from how easy it is to process payroll through internet-based services. Employees can benefit from having access to personnel and payroll forms from any computer with internet access.

Benefits and Advantages to Online Payroll

Employers stand to benefit the most from online payroll. For starters, online payroll drastically reduces the amount of time necessary to process a payroll period. Some services are designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to process payroll to just a matter of minutes. Online payroll will save time, money, and frustration when compared to more traditional payroll services. Automated online systems will reduce the chance of error when calculating payroll deductions and taxes.

Online payroll services allow business owners to integrate every aspect of the payroll process. Small business owners can track employee hours and correctly calculate employee compensation with an online payroll service. An online service can work in conjunction with an outsourced payroll company. The online service can automatically forward payroll information to the payroll company that processes employee checks.

Employees can view their schedule and worked hours with such a payroll service. Personnel forms can be provided to employees to allow them to easily update their information. The updated information will be automatically processed into personnel and payroll records. Managers can be alerted when employees are clocked in to the system. If an employee comes to work late, the system can alert managers of the employee's tardiness. Online payroll is another example of how the Internet is changing the way a business operates.

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