Online Time Clocks

Written by Jacey Harmon
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It is almost mind boggling at how technology is changing every aspect of our lives. The Internet is a driving force behind many of the changes we are experiencing. The Internet is changing how we communicate with far off family and friends. It is changing how businesses interact with their customers. The 'Net is also changing how businesses manage their employees as well.

Using the Web for Personnel Management

Technological advances are modifying every aspect of business operations. Whether it is analyzing real-time market data or managing employee performance, technology is playing a role in advancing business practices. The Internet may be considered the most pervasive new technology in changing how companies do business. Businesses use the Internet for everything from monitoring business activity to advertising and selling products.

Using the Web to manage employees is a growing trend in the business landscape. Companies are starting to utilize online time clocks to track employee hours. These online systems are useful for streamlining payroll, and tracking employee attendance. Online clocks can be set to prohibit employees from "clocking in" too early. This can aid in reducing unnecessary employee compensation.

Managers can set online time clocks to alert them when employees are logged into the system. This is a great way for managers to identify and document when an employee shows up for work late. Online time clock systems offer an opportunity for managers to identify who is logged into the system from any remote location with internet access. Employees can receive confirmation e-mails after logging in or out of the system. This ensures the employee is aware that their time is being accounted for.

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