Remote Access

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Remote access can be described as having the ability to access a computer or computer network from a remote location. Individuals using the Internet are participating is a version of remote access. Accessing the Web through an internet service provider, via telephone or cable line, is a common method of remote access.

Remote Access Applications

Large corporations utilize remote access to maintain communication amongst locations and employees. Employees who are located in distant branches will use remote access to gain entry to a company's network. This allows the organization to connect all of its locations into the main system, allowing information to be stored on a central network. Users from all over the country can easily find and access required information on the company's system.

Individuals can use remote access to gain control of their personal computers. They can also use remote access to work on their office PC from home. The desired computer can be accessed through any device that is connected to the Internet--cell phone, computer, or a wireless handheld device. To accomplish this, one needs to have remote access service for the computer you want to access, typically a subscription-based service provided by a third party company.

Business owners can utilize remote access to gain control of vital operational systems from off-site locations. Security systems can be controlled and monitored through remote access services. This gives owners the peace of mind by being able to view their store's location from the comfort of their own home. Owners and managers can gain access to a point of sale terminal and create daily sales reports from any location. Remote access gives business owners the capability of maintaining control of their operation while performing duties off-site.

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