Remote Access Web Cams

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Web cams can simply be defined as a digital camera that is used to take photographs or video, and transmit it through the Internet. There is a wide selection of web cams available for people to use. There are, however, really only two broad uses for web cams. One of the most popular uses is to transmit images and video of individuals. Another popular purpose is to have the web cam focused on a particular scene or specific area.

Web Cams for Security

Using web cams for security is growing in popularity amongst businesses and security professionals. With remote access services, users can access video footage from any computer with internet access. Some remote access services allow users to access video streams from over a dozen cameras. The screen can be broken down into four quadrants or show just a single camera.

Remote access services can allow individuals to gain control of the web cams. This allows users to "pan and scan" the landscape for possible threats. Remote access services will also offer video recording and storage capabilities. The length of time that can be recorded and amount of video that can be stored will vary amongst service providers. Digitally stored video is easier to search through than traditional analog tapes.

When choosing a web cam for security purposes, it is important to get the right kind of camera. Image quality is very important to security footage. Poor image quality may result in the failure to identify a criminal or possible crime. Make sure the camera you use can capture clear pictures of distant figures. Having the capability to pan, tilt, and zoom are important features for a security camera; a security camera is useless unless it can see the crime.

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