Remote Administration Tools

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Remote administration is commonly defined as the administration of one computer by another computer at a different location through a network. This definition is a bit restrictive in defining what remote administration can be used for. As businesses migrate toward using computers to handle operating processes, uses for remote administration are growing.

Remote Administration Applications

Companies are using computer and software applications to handle a large majority of normal business operations. A company that is connected to a computer network can utilize remote administration to monitor operations. With remote administration, managers and owners can observe company processes from any location. This reduces the amount of time needed to stay at the company's facility and offers an opportunity to increase time spent establishing relationships and growing the business.

Managers can utilize remote administration to take control of a point of sale terminal. While offsite, a manger can view daily sales activity and generate profit/loss reports. Schedules can be completed and viewed from remote locations, allowing supervisors the ability to work from home. If the company's payroll is automated through computer systems, an employer can view which employees are logged in and who showed up to work on time.

Remote administration gives managers and supervisors the ability to work on their office PC from home. Utilizing remote access software, an individual can have access to all files and applications on a remote computer. This is a tremendous benefit as it allows employees the opportunity to work from home. There are several companies that will provide all the necessary tools needed for remote administration--mainly, a secure internet connection and a subscription to a remote administration service.

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