Restaurant Inventory Control

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Restaurants are fast-paced places of business. When the dinner rush hits, cooks, servers, and dishwashers are working in at a frenzied pace. To ensure a smooth operation, restaurant mangers must properly maintain inventory levels. Not having all the items located on the menu is a good way for a restaurant to lose customers.

Inventory control is a process that can help a restaurant provide better customer service, outstanding food quality, and improve profit margins. Ensuring the inventory consists of only the freshest foods will increase the quality of the product the company sells. Improving inventory management will ultimately benefit the company's profit margin. Improving a company's profit margin is a good way to attract new investors, especially for publicly traded restaurants.

Tools for Inventory Control

A point of sale system is a valuable tool commonly used to monitor inventory levels. Point of sale systems record the data that each transaction generates. The system will automatically update inventory levels once it has learned an item has been sold. Automated systems reduce the need to manually check and adjust daily inventory levels.

Inventory software applications further automate inventory control processes. Inventory software can automatically order product when the program detects low inventory levels. Inventory software can even segregate inventory levels for various locations and products. Web-based inventory services and a point of sale system can combine to make a powerful technology-based inventory control system.

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