Security Monitoring

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Today, instead of police officers walking the beat, we often have surveillance cameras watching our every move. These surveillance systems are used in practically every public arena. Nearly every retail outlet and every financial institution will have some sort of video surveillance system. Video footage from surveillance systems is commonly used in prosecuting criminals, especially as digital footage becomes more commonplace. Some companies employ dummy surveillance systems in hopes that the sight of a camera is enough to stop aspiring criminals.

Video surveillance has become more flexible in recent years. Some web-based services allow their subscribers to remotely access live video footage from their place of work. While not the best deterrent for criminals, this tends to cut down levels of employee theft and misconduct dramatically.

Business security has taken large strides in recent years. Security systems can include just a basic alarm, or a complicated motion activated video system. Whatever type of security system is protecting your place of work, it is probably a necessary tool to have. Three quarters of crime in the United States is considered property crime, and these statistics bode nothing good for business.

Monitoring Security Systems

Technology has aided in not only how we provide security but how we monitor our security devices. The Internet has become a major tool for monitoring security systems. There are several online services available who allow users to monitor their security systems through secure online connections. There are also security companies who specialize in monitoring business and private security systems around the clock. Both services will likely alert either the system owner or proper authorities if an alarm is triggered.

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