Text Tools

Written by Yvette Dubel
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What are text tools? The answer is that it can and does include a number of utensils in the business of managing, producing, publishing, or repairing text. The most familiar and commonly used is the text editor. These text tools are a favorite of programmers. Some seemingly basic text editors have features that would be especially desirable to someone editing code.

Then there are text-mining technologies. These either stand alone or are embedded as part of another application or system. Frequently, database vendors will employ them to incorporate pattern-matching algorithms into database products. Search engine vendors also make use of text mining technology as a highly valued text tool.

Content management is a form of text tool that is heavily developed to work with its paired-up technologies. It banks on taxonomies and text categorization to manage the life cycle of information. This technology is especially useful for companies that spend a great deal of time looking up facts, statistics, or basic market research.

A Toolbox for Dealing with Text

There are software applications you can purchase that help you mine the Internet (as well as your internal databases) for the relevant text or research you need. If you have employees dedicated solely to research, this will make their jobs much easier, freeing them up to do more. Your business could realize a significant cost savings with such software--up to several thousand dollars a year per employee. Many businesses have begun taking advantage of this type of technology to quickly and easily complete research-based tasks.

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