Time And Attendance Tracking

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Employee absenteeism can ultimately cost a company thousands of dollars. Lost productivity, overtime, and turnover can all add up. Employee absenteeism is defined as an unscheduled absence from work. If an organization is having a problem with employee absenteeism, there are steps which can be taken to curb the problem.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Many organizations are taking steps to monitor employee time and attendance activity. Attendance tracking software can be utilized to simplify recording employee attendance. Attendance software will display records in a visual format to easily identify attendance patterns. Attendance tracking also provides a valuable digital record of an employee's track record in the case of a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

Virtual time clocks have become a popular tool for many business owners. Desktop and online time clock applications drastically reduce the amount of time necessary to process payroll. Utilizing an internet connection, business owners can view virtual time clocks from any location. This enables business managers to monitor employee activity without being on site.

Aside from tracking employee time and attendance, creating a better work environment is another way businesses can reduce absenteeism. Family-friendly company policies may help in reducing employee absenteeism. Ensuring employees have positive, respectful relationships can minimize absenteeism and possibly turnover. Looking to manage your employees more effectively and modifying the work environment will help reduce employee absenteeism and the accompanying costs.

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