Video Employee Training

Written by Jacey Harmon
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A company can have the best business model on the planet, but without a well-trained labor force, it will likely fail. Training ensures a company's employees will be able to handle the job as well as the company's growth. A close look at a successful company will show a successful training program.

Many managers, however, fail to train their employees. There are several legitimate reasons why some managers don't train their employees. Many managers just simply do not have the time to train new and existing workers. Some managers do not know how to train and simply avoid doing it. Legitimate reason or not, it does not reduce the need to properly train employees.

Employee Video Training

Using videos to train employees eliminates many of the reasons managers have for not training. Video training allows managers to leave the training session if other duties need attending to. Training videos allow employees to follow the training session at their own pace. Videos can be taken home and viewed privately or simply shown in a large training class.

There are thousands of training videos to choose from. Topics can range from broad subjects as sales training, to specific duties like interviewing techniques. Training videos on subjects that some would think as rudimentary can be very beneficial to an organization. A training video on something as simple as etiquette and professionalism can increase customer service and public image. Despite some training videos having a "cheesy" appearance, their usefulness is nothing to be laughed at.

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