Bookkeeping Supplies

Written by Sarah Provost
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Though most financial record keeping these days is done on the computer, there are still those who prefer to keep paper records. That means that there is still a demand for bookkeeping supplies. Ledgers, account books, columnar pads and credit/debit forms can be hard to find sometimes, but a quick search online can turn up the bookkeeping supplies you need.

Bound ledgers can be especially hard to find in office supply stores, but there are several sources for them on the Web, each offering a variety of styles: leather bound, cloth bound and vinyl covered. Sizes range from 12"x18" to 9"x6". There are also several styles of ruling available, from 4-column to 16-column.

Bookkeeping Supplies: Binders and Pads

Some people prefer the permanence of bound books, while others prefer the flexibility and ease of handling that comes with binders and pads. Again, there are many varieties available: 4-ring binders, 6-ring binders, and 12-ring binders, in double entry or end balance formats. Having so many choices available makes it easy to find exactly the system that will meet your needs.

These types of bookkeeping supplies aren't likely to be around much longer. Once the technology has moved on, it becomes harder and harder to find supplies for older systems and equipment. Have you tried to buy a typewriter ribbon lately? Good luck! So if you really prefer to keep paper records, it's a good idea to stockpile as many books, binders or forms as you think you can use.

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