Computer Supplies

Written by Sarah Provost
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Computer supplies and accessories comprise a very large category of office supplies needed in today's business environment. Data storage, external drives and cards, peripherals and software are among the many categories of supplies you'll need to purchase. Fortunately, online shopping makes your job easier.

Computer Supplies: Date Storage Systems

Cartridges, tapes, zip and jaz drives, diskettes, CDs, optical disks and microfiche are just a few of the options available for data storage. Whichever medium or combination of media your company uses, it's likely to be a category that needs to be resupplied on a regular basis. You will also need to provide media management and storage for these items in order to maintain an organized workplace.

Cable management is an often overlooked aspect of ordering computer supplies. With today's offices using so many computers and peripherals, a tangle of cables can not only be inconvenient, but may also present a safety hazard. Be certain to keep a good supply of surge protectors and cable troughs on hand and make sure to inspect them regularly for damage.

Don't forget cleaning materials when you're ordering computer supplies. Compressed air canisters and mini-vacs are handy for cleaning keyboards, and anti-static wipes should be stocked for wiping monitor screens. Also keep in mind the supplies needed for user comfort, such as anti-glare filters, wrist supports and ergonomic mice. Your employees will thank you for it.

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