Credit Card Paper

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Credit card receipts are important documents! They're not only important to the customers who walk away with them, but also to your business as a record of your day's transactions. Make sure that you're using only the best credit card paper, so that these documents won't quickly fade, tear, or become illegible.

Some people have stuck to traditional bond receipt paper, claiming that it's more durable than thermal paper. Others swear by thermal paper, citing especially its cost savings. The truth is, both of these methods have their pros and cons, but today's thermal paper rolls are much more durable than they used to be.

You can eliminate cash register ribbons entirely, should you go with thermal paper rolls. Or, you can instantly print one or even two duplicate copies if you use two or three-ply credit card paper in bond. The decision depends on what type of business you run, and what your needs are.

Credit Card Paper Bargains

This unassuming office supply doesn't seem like the most expensive purchase you can make. However, you'll be kicking yourself for buying it at a retail supply chain when you see how cheaply it can be bought online. The Internet offers a marketplace for suppliers to sell their products wholesale, and you'll be able to get just about any kind of credit card paper and other cash register supplies you need.

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