Desktop Calendars

Written by Sarah Provost
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If you're the person in charge of ordering desktop calendars for your office, you're probably aware that there are about as many different preferences as there are employees. Some people want the big blotter-type desktop calendars that can be used as an appointment record, while others want something that simply shows the date and takes up as little space as possible. Then there are all the page-a-day and tear-off styles in between.

Since these are dated goods, you can't just order some of every kind of desktop calendars and keep a variety in stock. Office managers have devised different ways of dealing with this problem, and these tend to relate closely to the general style of management. Some managers simply decide that everyone will use the same style. Others offer a choice of two or three basic styles and allow their employees to choose the one that best suits them.

Decorative, Motivational and Specialty Desktop Calendars

In addition to the basic styles, there is also an almost overwhelming assortment of decorative, motivational and specialty desktop calendars. A smaller, more relaxed or creative office might allow employees to choose their own designs. This helps create a more personalized work environment, which is always good for morale.

Motivational and humorous calendars are particularly popular. One office I supplied simply circulated a catalog or had employees visit a website and pick out their own calendars from a specific supplier. This allowed them to express themselves in their workspace. At the same time, since everyone had to choose from the assortment offered by a reputable office supply source, there were no problems with people choosing to display calendars in questionable taste.

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