Executive Office Furniture

Written by Sarah Provost
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Let's face it, one of the perks of being an executive is being able to have executive office furniture. Not for you the standard-issue gray steel desk and rigid black wheelie chair. Now you get to design an office that reflects your personal style and also your managerial style.

Express Yourself with Executive Office Furniture

What is your personal style? Do you prefer oiled teak, polished mahogany or smoked glass and chrome? Would you like your chair to look High Tech or Old Money? Would you like an L or U-shaped setup, or a pedestal desk and credenza?

These decisions reflect more than just your taste in executive office furniture, but can also express your managerial style. I worked in a city government office once when there was a change in our leadership. The outgoing director had furnished her office with a sleek birch-and-chrome U-shaped desk and a black leather chair, with two standard stacking chairs for visitors. She was an extremely efficient manager, but had few people skills, as evidenced by the unwelcoming visitor chairs and the U formation, which meant there was desk between you and her no matter where you sat.

The incoming director replaced that with a mahogany pedestal desk in the middle of the room, with a credenza behind her. Her desk chair was upholstered in mauve. And instead of those stacking chairs on the other side of the desk for visitors, this director brought in a comfortable overstuffed armchair and put it right next to her desk, so that when you visited her office, you felt like you were in her living room. She wasn't as good at the paperwork as her predecessor, but morale in her department was great.

Of course, not every office environment allows such freedom when choosing your executive office furniture. But do keep in mind what your choices are saying to your subordinates, and try to make your office as welcoming as possible. It will pay off in the long run in improved relationships with your staff.

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