Hygiene Product Suppliers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Hygiene product suppliers abound on the Internet, and that very abundance makes it possible for you to find the best possible combination of price, quality and service. Perhaps you are supplying a health care facility, where you go through antibacterial hand cleaners at an astonishing rate. You might be in charge of procuring toothpaste and mouthwash amenities for a massive hotel chain. Or you may simply need to order feminine hygiene products for the ladies room of a small company.

For all these circumstances, your best bet is to investigate hygiene product suppliers on the Internet. Their prices tend to be lower than those at brick and mortar supply companies because of their very low overhead and economies of scale. Also, because there is so much competition, suppliers are forced to keep their prices low.

Price isn't everything, however, and it would be a good idea to consult consumer service sites to check on the reliability of the supplier and quality of the products you need to purchase. Once you have established a relationship with one of the many hygiene product suppliers, you can begin working to reduce waste and increase efficiency. These methods can be as simple as keeping an inventory checklist or as sophisticated as investing in the new E-procurement software.

Increasing Numbers of Offshore Hygiene Product Suppliers

For some reason, this field seems more likely than others to locate their production facilities in European, Asian or African countries. Because hygiene products are not regulated by the FDA, they do not need to list their ingredients. Even name brands can vary when produced at foreign sites, so be sure to keep a close eye on quality.

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