Industrial Packaging Products

Written by Sarah Provost
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Industrial packaging products comprise a very large category for purchasing officers. They run the gamut from tiny jewelry boxes to blister packs for small electronics to immense shipping containers. Then there are mailroom supplies such as stretch film, cushioning products and wrapping materials. Jewel cases for CDs, shopping bags and labels also fall into this category.

In addition to the fact that several different types of Industrial packaging products are needed even for the smallest companies, these are supplies that need to be constantly replenished. It can sometimes be difficult for purchasing officers to keep up with the demand while keeping costs low. Fortunately, there's help available on the Internet.

Online Auctions for Industrial Packaging Products

Industrial packaging products are well suited to being the subject of online auctions. Variations in quality are less of an issue for plastic grocery bags, for example, than for the groceries that go in them. Therefore, it's easier to focus on reducing costs, which is what online auctions do best.

Online auctions differ from the ordinary RFP process in several ways. For one thing, they are incredibly efficient. Getting bids and creating purchase orders through an online system usually takes less than half the time of traditional procedures. Auctions and other online systems also standardize the procedure, an aspect some decry as depersonalizing, but others feel makes the process inherently more fair and even-handed. Finally, once you have chosen your supplier and settled on a price, it's easy to automate reorders.

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