Industrial Paper Products

Written by Sarah Provost
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Industrial paper products comprise a huge portion of all supply purchases. From reams of copier and printer paper for white-collar offices to wrapping paper in the mailroom to paper towels and plates for food service to immense corrugated shipping cartons, industry uses a massive amount of paper. Therefore, it is becoming ever more important to purchase recycled products.

Recycle Industrial Paper Products

Recycling industrial paper products is absolutely crucial for any company that wants to be perceived as environmentally responsible. Recycling waste products is not within the purview of a purchasing officer, but buying recycled paper products is. Each ton of recycled paper products saves three tons of virgin wood.

However, conserving trees is not the only, or even the most pressing issue when considering recycled paper products. In 1978, there were 14,000 landfills in America. In 2004, only about a tenth of those are still in operation. By using paper products that contain post-consumer waste, you can help solve this critical problem.

Recycling also impacts the environment in other ways. It takes 61 percent less water to make recycled products than it does to start from scratch. Recycling also saves energy, since making paper products from recycled materials uses up to 70 percent less energy. In fact, every four tons of recycled paper saves enough oil to heat an average home for a year! Recycled industrial paper products are sold by virtually every supplier, and some paper makers have converted to using recycled paper exclusively.

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