Janitorial Supplies

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are so many sources for janitorial supplies on the web that you can easily do extensive online comparison shopping to find the best value for your procurement money. A recent development known as E-procurement has taken the convenience of online ordering a step further. This new model decreases costs while it increases efficiency by reducing the amount of paperwork that goes into purchasing.

Janitorial Supplies Are Perfect for E-Procurement

While there have been some snags in the development of E-procurement for highly sensitive direct materials or items that need to be specially designed, the system is perfect for standard orders such as janitorial supplies. One company that implemented the new software application reported that in the first year, ten percent of their purchases were electronic, contributing to a return on their investment of 65 percent. The company is expanding their E-procurement participation and expects a return on investment of 400 percent in the coming year.

Even for relatively simple orders such as janitorial supplies, the average procurement process requires twenty-one "touches." That is, there are twenty-one points in the process where someone has to approve the purchase, type up the request, log in the specific order numbers, etc. With E-procurement, most of that work is done automatically by the software.

The result is an increase in efficiency that is even more noteworthy than the decreased costs of supplies. When those two elements combine, the synergy creates rather spectacular results. It would seem that E-procurement is an idea that's come to stay.

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