Kitchen Supplies For Office

Written by Sarah Provost
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Kitchen supplies for office break rooms and lunchrooms can be most easily and economically purchased from online office supply sites. The first priority is the small appliances and equipment such as coffeemaker, refrigerator, microwave, hot pot and toaster oven. Depending on the size of your office, a double coffeemaker for regular and decaf might be a good choice.

Selecting Kitchen Supplies for Office Environments

Coffee and tea, of course, are the basics in every office. Coffee choices run the gamut from whole beans to prepackaged ground coffee in sealed filters. If you are not brewing decaf, you should have some instant decaf available. A selection of herbal and regular teas in bags is usually sufficient, and some packets of hot chocolate mix are always welcomed.

When ordering kitchen supplies for office purposes, don't forget filters and the "sides" such as sugar packets, artificial sweeteners and powdered creamers. Lately many offices have also begun offering single-serve flavored liquid creamers. Stirrers, napkins and cups should also be provided; even if your employees use their own mugs, you should have cups on hand for visitors.

Microwave popcorn has become a staple in many offices. It presents no storage problems, is quickly and easily prepared, and is a relatively healthful snack. Other popular snacks are licorice sticks, peppermints and other hard candies, jelly beans, gummy bears and nuts. Keeping a good stock of kitchen supplies for office workers is a great way to keep morale high.

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