Office Accessories

Written by Sarah Provost
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Office accessories can make the difference between a rigid, sterile atmosphere and one that is welcoming and comfortable. With the huge variety of items offered online, there's no excuse for purchasing office accessories by rote. Put a little thought into it, and your employees will be grateful.

Office Accessories: Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Office chairs are a good place to start. From the looks of many offices, you'd think they only came in black and gray. In fact, you can get most styles in a wide range of colors: bright blue, teal, red, even purple. It may seem a small thing, but adding color to the office environment adds energy as well.

Lamps, too, can add warmth to the environment as well as light. They don't all have to be black goosenecks, clamp-on fluorescents or high-intensity halogen. What about a nice contemporary-looking brass dome lamp for a modern office, or a swing-arm lamp with a shade for a more traditional look?

Add a wall clock with a wood frame for the traditional office, or an elliptical clock framed in chrome for the sleeker look. Bookcases and shelving, too, looks warmer in rich wood veneers than in putty-colored steel. Desktop organizers can be wicker or wood instead of wire, or use baskets on shelves instead of plastic boxes. When purchasing office accessories online, you can often save enough money over the prices at brick-and-mortar stores to easily upgrade to more interesting materials. Just make a few small changes, and you'll be amazed at the difference in atmosphere, and therefore in employee morale.

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