Office Equipment

Written by Sarah Provost
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Office equipment is a very broad category. Even excluding computers and printers, which are generally classified separately, the category of office equipment ranges from copiers and fax machines to telephones, shredders, calculators, even fans and heaters. Add in the supplies for these machines, and you have a lot of material to keep track of.

Faxes, copiers and printers are now often combined into one multi-purpose machine. Prices and features vary widely, so be sure to do some comparison shopping on the Web before you decide to purchase. Laser printers are generally more expensive, but give the cleanest printouts and need less maintenance.

Your telephone needs will depend on the size of your office and how much of your business relies on the phone. Most offices need at least several lines on each phone, and many need real switchboard capability. If people work out of the office, cell phones become a necessity. Headsets, shoulder rests, cords, jacks and extensions should also be taken into account when ordering telephone office equipment.

Miscellaneous Office Equipment

These days, it has become mandatory for every office to have a shredder to protect confidential information. In many businesses, cameras should be kept on hand; you might need disposable cameras for documentation of accidents, for instance, or digital cameras to send images over the Internet. Fans, heaters, water coolers and other equipment for the office environment should also be taken into account when you're considering your office equipment needs.

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