Office Supply Lists

Written by Sarah Provost
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Generating and maintaining office supply lists for a large corporation is a whole lot more complex than just jotting down a few items on a Post-it. When you are the person responsible for making sure every department has everything it needs--and the person to blame when productivity slows because of lack of supplies-- you have to be very certain you haven't overlooked anything. Creating online office supply lists can set your mind at ease.

Sponsored Office Supply Lists

One of the easiest ways to maintain office supply lists is to use the service offered by many suppliers. Customized lists can be created from scratch or by clicking on items as you shop the site. You can create several different lists, perhaps by departments, and name each one. You can order everything on your list with one click, or pick and choose what you need.

There is also often a tool to set up automatic reordering, or reminders via E-mail. You choose a beginning date for the reminder or reorder and then enter a frequency; each list can have a separate frequency rate. Imagine the amount of paperwork that would eliminate!

Of course, this method is most useful when you do all your purchasing with one supplier. However, you can set up different customized lists with different suppliers, which will still save you a lot of time and make purchasing easier. If you visit your favorite supplier sites and set up automated lists today, you can be sure your coworkers will have what they need when they need it.

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