Paper Supplies

Written by Sarah Provost
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Considering that the computer was supposed to create a paperless environment, we still need a whole lot of paper supplies. We need reams of paper for copiers and printers, both laser and inkjet, in letter and legal sizes, and usually in several colors. We need message pads, notebooks and card stock, legal pads, envelopes and stationery. And often, we need it yesterday.

Buy Paper Supplies Online for Quick Service

The virtual office supply stores found online have several advantages over brick and mortar stores. Since they have much lower overhead, they can offer lower prices. It's easy to shop online, and to compare products and prices without running all over town. The only disadvantage they have is that you can't run out and pick up a ream of paper.

For that reason, most online supply sites pride themselves on their quick delivery time. Especially with paper supplies, which seem to run out every time you turn your back, speedy delivery is a very important service. Most sites that have local branches can deliver the next day. When you consider the employee time saved by being able to order over the Internet rather than run out to the office supply store, you realize a significant added savings by using online suppliers.

You can also find the best selection of paper supplies online. Considering how many varieties there are in each category, most brick and mortar stores can't keep them all in stock. If your office is like mine, where some of the people want steno notebooks and others want reporter's notebooks or legal pads or loose-leaf paper, you can meet all their needs quickly by shopping online.

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