Written by Sarah Provost
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Buying photocopiers online has never been easier. Every manufacturer has its own web site, as well as all the suppliers. With so many outlets competing for your business, and the low overhead made possible by online sales, you can find exactly the photocopiers you need at the best prices. Most photocopiers are divided into personal and general office types.

Photocopiers for Personal Use

If you're looking for a photocopier for personal use, you have several options to choose from. Dedicated photocopiers can be had in letter or legal size, laser or inkjet. Or you may want a combination machine, which can print, scan, copy and/or fax. Combination machines also come in laser or ink jet, but almost all are letter sized.

If the machine is going to get heavy use, you should look at industrial photocopiers. These too come in combinations, usually laser printer, copier and scanner. Though laser printers are more expensive, they produce the cleanest copy and last longer than inkjet printers.

Another option to consider in all categories is whether you want color or black and white. While most office documents are black and white, you might be surprised at the number of uses you find for color. You can make posters and flyers, business cards, and eye-catching charts and graphs. If the machine is for a home office, color becomes even more useful, since you can make greeting cards, print photos and create stationery, to name just a few activities.

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