Reliable Office Supplies

Written by Sarah Provost
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Finding a source for reliable office supplies has never been easier. Not only are there myriad sources to choose from, which allows easy comparisons of prices and products, but now there is also software available that can increase your efficiency markedly. By automating the process and decreasing paperwork, a significant savings can be realized without compromising the quality of the products.

Whether you are purchasing for a ten-person consulting firm or a huge industrial site, you have the same questions and concerns. Often, your primary, indeed your only focus, is on price. But there must be a balance among price, quality and reliability. Reliable office supplies make everything run more smoothly, whereas nightmare stories abound of suppliers that deliver the wrong goods or the wrong quantities.

When I was doing procurement of supplies for a 40-person office, I was contractually bound to use a major nationwide supplier. Not once in my four-year tenure with that company was an order filled without a problem. It once took four months to get the correct style of receipt books! After that experience, finding a source for reliable office supplies became my top priority.

Software for Procuring Reliable Office Supplies

In the past few years, new software has been developed for an application called E-procurement. When both supplier and consumer use this application, efficiency and reliability improve dramatically, while at the same time costs are reduced. As more and more suppliers are beginning to use the system, the outlook for E-procurement is becoming brighter with every passing day.

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