Ribbon Cartridge

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Buying a new ribbon cartridge-the ink ribbon replacement cartridges that print so many of our daily office documents, can be an expensive endeavor. When you stop to consider how much you spend on printer tape-not just for the cash register or fax machine, but also for the POS printer and other devices, it really adds up. Finding ways to save money on these purchases is important.

A quality ribbon cartridge will cost you a lot more than a generic printer ribbon. Since there is a big difference in the quality of inks and materials used, it's a good idea to stick with what your machines specify. The problem is, these items can really cost an arm and a leg.

The Right Ribbon Cartridge-for Less!

If your machines specify Okidata printer ribbons, or Star ribbons, for example, you should stick with those brands. The trick is to find a low-cost supplier of the right cartridges. If you look around a little, you should be able to track down an online retailer who can provide you with the same supplies you've been buying at a mere fraction of what you've been paying!

Stop paying for all the retail markup! A good volume supplier is just that-he buys in volumes and then passes the savings along to the customer. The Internet has opened up a whole new horizon when it comes to buying even the most common daily items.

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