Thermal Receipts

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Thermal receipts are a good choice for busy businesses. If you're in a position where you don't have the employee time or hassle to be forever changing printer ribbon on your POS and credit card machines, then going thermal is a good idea. Using thermal receipts instead of regular bond paper ones eliminates the need for traditional ribbon cartridge items.

When you use thermal receipt paper, you're also better able to project a good image to your customers. These paper rolls are able to exhibit sharp, clear, colorful text and images. And, it's all done without messy, replaceable ink cartridges-instead, a heated stylus does the job.

Businesses who use thermal printers also notice another benefit. These machines are far quieter when they're running, and print out receipts much more quickly. Eliminating the noise, commotion, and stumbling blocks of a typical retail establishment is worth the change!

Buying Thermal Receipts for Less

Are you afraid that these high-tech paper rolls will be more expensive? If you do your office supply shopping online, from Internet wholesalers, you'll be able to take advantage of amazing discounts. When you're able to stock up in this way, you need never fear running out of paper rolls, overtaxing your budget, or having to replace another ink cartridge, ever again!

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